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MTCOS Flex IDFor advanced eID Solutions
For advanced eID Solutions


Maximum effectivity for minimum standard chips.
MTCOS Flex ID has been designed for cost efficient smart card and embedded security ICs with crypto-coprocessor and contactless-, contact based- or dual interface interface. MTCOS Flex ID is a true multiapplication OS with basic public key support for the SAC/PACE protocol. It is compliant to all relevant ISO/IEC open smart-card standards and contains a set of basic eID applications already pre-installed in the OS. MTCOS Flex ID is designed in our Common Criteria secure environment, the ICs are at least EAL4+ high CC certified.


MTCOS E-National ID E-National ID ICAO application supplemented by eGovernment applications.
MTCOS E-Health Card E-Health Card Highest security and data privacy for sensitive patient health records and personal data.
MTCOS E-Driving License E-Driving License Strong protection against forgery for electronic drivers licence with chip and a maximum of data privacy for the license holder.
MTCOS E-Payment E-Payment Easy to use "single command" ePurse for best transaction times complemented by our secure MTCOS-SAM.

Technical Specifications

  • Contact based: ISO/IEC 7816 - 3
  • Contactless: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A up to 848 kbps
  • Dual Interface
  • Secure messaging: ISO/IEC 7816 - 4 and CWA 14890 - 1
  • Extended APDUs
  • PC/SC compatible

Data handling
  • ISO/IEC 7816 - 4 multi application file system
  • Various file types
  • Flexible file access rights
  • Transactions
  • Filesize up to 64KB

Data structures
  • ISO/IEC 7816
  • ICAO TrLDS 1.7
  • ISO/IEC 18013
  • ISO/IEC 21549

  • ISO/IEC 7816 - 8 security commands
  • DES, 3DES & AES
  • Elliptic Curve
  • RSA
  • SHA-1 & SHA-2 family
  • Customized authentication schemes
  • PIN/PUK Verification
  • De-/Encryption
  • True random numbers
  • Random UID / PUPI
  • Strong DPA, DFA, SPA, EPA, UV, IR resistance
Application specific
security protocols
eNational ID
  • ICAO
  • Basic Access Control
  • Active Authentication
  • Supplemental Access Control

eDriving License
  • Basic Access Protection
  • Active Authentication
  • Supplemental Access Control
Optional security packages
  • Match on card (Finger, Face, Iris)

Life Cycles
  • 4-stage life cycle manager
  • ISO/IEC 7816 - 9 file life cycle management
  • Highest performance - no interpreter
  • According to open ISO/IEC standards - free of third party license rights
  • Design according to Common Criteria
  • Infineon SLE 77 series
  • Samsung S3 series


Short form specifications
Short form specification