MaskTech – we make chips intelligent


MaskTech was founded in 2002 as part of a management buyout from the former largest contactless card and inlay manufacturer by security, RFID and computer sciences specialists.

The engineering team has security and RFID experience since 1990 and has set up a profound knowledge in those areas. The management worked several years in the quality management and product development of the automotive industry. The quality assurance processes used in this industry exceeds military level and has been adapted to our software development procedures. Result of this constant quality improvement are products available in the 5th generation with absolute unique quality and performance.
Masktech MTCOS was the first ICAO and ISO compliant ROM masked operating system available on 72KB high security embedded crypto controller with RF interface and PKI features in the market. The product was developed for the public transport sector in 1999 with support of contactless 14443 interface and Elliptic Curve functions. Meanwhile the product is available CC EAL4+ certified on 5 different semiconductor manufacturer high security microcontrollers, all at least CC EAL5+ certified and resistant to state of the art attack scenarios.