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We protect you!And 150.000.000other identities.
We protect you!
And 150.000.000
other identities.


MTCOS 1Purse is an easy to use „single command“ ePurse for best transaction times complemented by our secure MTCOS-SAM.

Our electronic purse is the store of value on a card, which can be used in a manner similar to cash to pay for travel or for other small-scale transactions. The electronic “purse” is secure information stored in a dedicated area or file in MTCOS.

Our payment application can be used either stand alone or in combination with all built-in MTCOS eID applications to secure more complex e-Wellfare or e-Social Security benefit programs with identification functionality.

With electronic purse systems cash handling is reduced, third parties can become involved in issuing value and added value applications (e.g. loyalty) can be utilized while a high degree of security is guaranteed.
MTCOS 1Purse benefits

  • Easy to use single command transaction
  • Transaction counters and -receipts for best transaction evidence
  • Certificates and transaction limits for a maximum of security
  • MTCOS-SAM for an efficient design-in process