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More than 65 countries worldwidetrust in MaskTech.
More than 65 countries worldwide
trust in MaskTech.

The only independent OS - ready to go for many ID applications.

MTCOS includes a unique variety of built-in applications for ID and travel documents with the great advantage of application portability. This enables our customers to easily upgrade their projects whenever a new version of MTCOS is launched. The chips and critical data are protected throughout the documents life cycle with MTCOS 4-stage lifecycle manager.


Worldwide first and today the most popular operating system for ePassports. It supports various semiconductor manufacturers. more

E-National ID

ICAO application supplemented by eGovernment applications. more

E-Health Card

Highest security and data privacy for sensitive patient health records and personal data. more

E-Driving License

Strong protection gainst forgery for electronic driving license and a maximum of data privacy for the license holder. more

E-Residence Permit

MTCOS interoperable with the EU eResidence Permit regulation and other international standards. more


E-Ticketing for smart-card based public transport applications with or without MIFARE and DESFIRE more


Easy to use „single command“ ePurse for best transaction times complemented by our secure MTCOS-SAM. more