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Press, latest Releases
Press Release: 05.2011 // Abu Dhabi

Smart Card Award for Egypt eFamily card

The Egypt eFamily card has been awarded the best Government application during the Cards Middle East 2011 conference and exhibition in Abu Dhabi, May 17th - 18th 2011.

The project aims at building automatic system using smart card technology where subsidized services including supply, health insurance, education, transport and fuel can be paid. About 12 Mio. families are entitled to subsidies (amounting to 64 million citizens) today. Supply payment can be made in 27 governorates. The program will be extended nationwide by end of 2011. [Source: The Arab Republic of Egypt, cabinet meetings May 2011].
The smartcard contains a modern high security chip with advanced cryptographic features and is powered by MTCOS multiapplication smartcard operating system platform (system on chip) which has been extended for the local requirements. The smart card chip, is the SmartMX from NXP semiconductors. The family card is manufactured and personalized by the local specialist MASRIA CARD, the longest experience and most advanced card manufacturer in Egypt; who was also the provider of the Point of Sale application and hardware and total solution.

MaskTech was involved in the following areas in the successful project integration:
High security multiapplication chip card operation system (MTCOS); customer-specific product extension; product integration; security aspects of key components and post issuance personalization in close cooperation with the companies involved on the project.