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Press, latest Releases
Press Release: 09.2013 // Nuremberg

MTCOS in the German VDV / e-Ticketing system.

MaskTech successfully extended and qualified its Common Criteria certified secure operating system MTCOS Professional for the public transport / eTicketing system in Germany. The system is based on the VDV-KA (Verein Deutscher Verkehrsbetriebe - Kernapplikation) standard. VDV-KA is organized and maintained by the German transport association (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen) and used by all major public transport companies in Germany. It defines data structures and interfaces for the fare management and eTicketing solution, which is implemented on a Common Criteria certified public key based smart card controller. VDV-KA guarantees interoperability across the whole German terminal installations and backend system.

Two batches with several million cards have been tendered. The batch including options for MifareClassic and DESfire has been awarded to Swiss Post Solutions Germany in Bamberg who manufactures and personalizes the chip cards using MaskTech secure operating system MTCOS. The rollout started with several hundred thousands of MTCOS/NXP SmartMX chipsets with the VDV-KA application embedded.

MaskTech was involved in the following areas of this successful project implementation. Chip operating system, "on-chip" application development, product qualification, configuration and personalization support. MaskTech delivered the complete chip/OS bundle. In the MTCOS roadmap are add ons for all major AFC specifications e.g. according to ITSO and OSPT standards.