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We protect you!And 150.000.000other identities.
We protect you!
And 150.000.000
other identities.

Health Card

The e-Health Card is a smart card incorporating a microprocessor and cryptographic functions and offers a maximum of data privacy and flexibility for patients and health professionals.

The use of telecommunication and informatics within healthcare, i.e. health telematics or e-Health, has become reality in recent years. In many countries applications like networked electronic health records, broadband communication and secure networks improve the quality and availability of health care.
Modern smart card technology is used as security token and ID document for patients and health professionals and securely stores personal data, emergency records, keys and certificates for online authentication to gain access to health insurance providers' online services and personal health information. Furthermore the e-Health Card is counterfeit-proof and the patient is clearly identifiable by means of a photo and the validation of a PIN. This removes the risk of misuse associated with conventional health insurance cards.
MaskTech's MTCOS Standard and Professional solutions support by default a variety of security mechanisms used in modern e-Health infrastructures such as electronic signature, advanced PIN functionality for the best possible protection of patient data as well as various authentication schemes to get access to personalized online portals and information. Emergency data and other sensitive data are securely stored in the protected chip's memory. The chip & OS is security certified according to Common Criteria.

brochure e-health card with MTCOS (PDF/354.3 kb)