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We protect you!And 150.000.000other identities.
We protect you!
And 150.000.000
other identities.

E-Driving License

Smart card chips in e-Driving Licenses provide additional security and privacy.

In most countries the driving licences are widely used as ID documents and for security-sensitive credentialing processes such as opening bank accounts or boarding airplanes. The migration for more secure credit-card format driving licences (instead of paper) has already been set by many governments. Smartcard controllers can increase the level of security and privacy significantly. With ISO/IEC 18013 a standard framework for chip based drivers licenses has been introduced. ISO/IEC 18013 defines various security protocols and storage options for a chip based driving licence.
MTCOS e-Driving License application is embedded in the OS by default and supports all security protocols described in this framework e.g. passive authentication to prevent unallowed modification of the biometric holder data stored in the chips memory, active authentication to prevent cloning of the document, basic access protection or supplemental access control to encrypt the communication channel and the extended access protection to protect more sensitive holder informations such as fingerprints with strong public/private key authentication.

Furthermore MTCOS supports contact, contactless and dual interface chipsets in various memory configurations.

Brochure e-Driving License with MTCOS (PDF/318.5 kb)